Turning Twenty-Three // 22.05.15

“The best surprise I’ve ever encountered, the most excitement I could ever feel, and the biggest smile I’ve ever smiled” – Love, Luce.


May 21st: The day before my birthday, I was finishing work early and my boyfriend grabbed me and told me he needs to tell me something really important before I go home (we work together). I was told to pack a bag as we would be going away for the night on my birthday…that was it, no hints, no tips, no clues on what to pack. Just pack a bag. I was so excited, I had absolutely no idea what we could be doing, there had been no subtle hints, no places that I could even imagine going. On the drive home I rung my mum and asked if she knew where we were going…she didn’t, but she was now just as excited.

May 22nd: My Birthday! The day that I now couldn’t wait a moment longer to find out where we were going. I started opening my cards and presents from my friends and family, then my parents face timed me. While on FaceTime Will (my boyfriend) told me to open his presents, first a cushion with a kitten on (I reaaaally want a kitten), then a candle, then another candle, then 3 envelopes. The first was a really cute MoonPig card where I could see so much thought had gone into it, with pictures of him and I, my family, my nephew, holidays together – it was so cute! Then the moment I had waited for to find out where we were going.

I opened the second envelope to a piece of A4 laminated paper, when I turned it over I was so shocked that someone could do something so thoughtful. The following was written on the paper:

1 nights stay at a Merchants Manor Hotel, Falmouth awaits you.

  • 1 Night Stay
  • 3 Course Dinner at The Brasserie.
  • A Glass of Laurent-Perrier with dinner.
  • Breakfast.

Hotel benefits from:

  • Close to the beach.
  • Close to shops.
  • Gym.
  • Swimming pool complete with Sauna and Jacuzzi.
  • Brasserie.

When we arrived I think we were both shocked by how lovely the manor was, and the decor and style of the manor was right down my street, with soft colours, and pastel walls.


IMG_1048.jpg img_1036

IMG_1030.jpg When we arrived we were told we couldn’t check in just yet so we each had a quick drink and then went to explore the nearby shops, we wandered the streets for a bit and had some lunch, and got pooped on by seagulls (yes, I got shat on by a seagull on my birthday, while wearing my new jumper – I wasn’t a happy bunny).

A couple of  hours passed and we went back to check into the hotel, we were given room 1. Unfortunately in all my excitement I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the bedroom but I did get plenty of the bathroom. The room had a large queen-size bed in the middle of the room, with a sofa underneath the window, there were built in wardrobes and bright red walls, it was a little outdated but comfortable none the less. The bathroom on the other hand was ginormous, it was actually bigger than the room itself. With a roll top bath in the middle of the room, and the arm chair in the corner it felt like you had gone back in time, but in a good way of course. The room felt very traditional, and extremely spacious, the photos just don’t do the size of the room justice.

img_1030img_1043img_1044img_1039After a couple of hours exploring the hotel, using the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and gym facilities it was time to come back to the room and get ready for dinner…the bit I was most excited for. We both took a bath and got ready for dinner.


(Apologies for the bright orange lighting – I didn’t realise how bad that picture had come out until now).

We were seated in the lounge while our table was prepared and were each presented with a menu. A few moments later the waiter brought over a glass of Laurent-Perrier each (my favourite) and a seafood canapé which was delicious.

For the starter I chose ‘Cariads’ Cornish Crab Crostini with wild rocket and parsley emulsion, while Will chose the Baked Creedy Carver Duck Breast with confit yolk, black pudding crumble, port jus.


I chose the Mylor Lobster served with a brioche butter roll, skinny fries, tarragon mayo, Canara farm tomato salad for my main, while Will chose Phillip Warren’s fillet steak served with double cooked chips, tomato, field mushroom, crispy onions, mixed leaf, and roasted garlic.


By the time desert rolled around we were both well and truly stuffed but we both took a sneak peak nonetheless.


We both gave in and had the Dark Chocolate and Walnut Brownie with Chocolate Sorbet.  Throughout the meal we sipped on a refreshing bottle of Rosé recommended by the waiter which complimented our meals perfectly.

The food was incredible, I have never tasted crab so pure and lobster so mouth watering in all my life. The flavours in each dish complimented each other perfectly, there wasn’t a single element that I didn’t like. Will also really enjoyed all three courses that he chose, and they also looked incredible.

After dinner we had a few drinks and took a stroll to the beach to try and walk off some of the food we had eaten, we were still stuffed by this point. We were originally going to head into the town for some cocktails and to explore the nightlife but we were both so tired by this point we thought a beach walk was a better option.

The next morning a beautiful breakfast spread had been laid out with everything you could ever imagine alongside a menu of cooked orders. Will chose the traditional option and had a Full Cornish Breakfast with rashers of back bacon, Trelawney sausage, hogs pudding, grilled field mushroom, vine tomato, griddled bread, and a free range fried egg. Where as I chose the French Toast with streaky bacon and maple syrup. The staff were so accommodating as I asked for the bacon to be separate from the toast (I don’t like bacon, so Will was going to have it), and they did this no questions asked.




Such a beautiful array of food, with a selection of teas, coffees, juices and more. I was still stuffed after the dinner from the previous night but I just couldn’t say no to this incredible spread.

After breakfast we went and sat outside in the courtyard where there were tons of beautiful flowers surrounding the garden. You could see the sauna and a mint green summer house at the bottom of the lawn – the perfect place to sit and enjoy the sound of the birds on a sunny morning.

After saying goodbye to the hotel we went off into Falmouth to explore a little more, we went to the castle, some beautiful gardens, and walked along the beach.




Above I have popped in a few photos from our day exploring the sites of Falmouth. I truly had the most incredible birthday weekend, and I was well and truly spoilt – oh and  I bet you are wondering what was in that 3rd envelope…alongside all of this Will also bought me a holiday for my birthday…yes a HOLIDAY!! 11 nights in the summer, wherever I want to go (within reason), I can’t wait to book it and escape to the sun.

If you like to find out more about Merchants Manor or the Brasserie then they can both be found on the following link: http://merchantsmanor.com

Love, Luce ♥


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