Escaping reality.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life that you don’t need to escape from” – Seth Godin

Some days everything feels like it’s catching up with you, it gets a little too much, a little too emotional and you just need to find an escape from it all. However, when you’re living in a city where can name all of your friends on one hand, use a sat nav when you go somewhere new and only know your way around by sign posts and popular attractions, it makes it increasingly difficult to escape and just have some alone time.

Yesterday I needed to escape, it wasn’t even so much a want for it, it was a need, a requirement, a necessity. I picked up my camera and just drove aimlessly until I knew where I wanted to be. All I knew in that moment was that I wanted to be as far away from anyone as possible, in a world I can call my own, a place where there are no distractions, no wake up calls and no questions asked. At first I just sat on a bench; thinking, debating, wondering. Then I decided to go for a walk, let off some steam, blow out the cobwebs. I walked across a bridge which takes me to a different County, and although it’s just across the water, the sense of freedom and relief this gave me helped immensley.


Clear blue skies, fresh water and commuters making their way home, I just felt free. Although being alone may be some peoples worst nightmare, I feel everyone needs to take some time for them; not all the time, but every once in a while, just to keep yourself grounded. When I have a bad day, I normally just put my headphones in and forget about everything around me. I didn’t want this, for once I wanted to tackle the problems head on, I wanted to think about them, I wanted to process them, and I wanted to resolve them. I had no music, I had little phone signal, and I had no money. For once, I felt free. I wasn’t trapped, I wasn’t tied down to anything or anyone, I didn’t have to be anywhere or be the person people expect me to be; I could just be me.

I walked across this bridge in probably the slowest fashion ever witnessed, I was just savouring the moment, taking it all in, just watching all my troubles blow away; disappear into the distance. I wandered around a nearby town, a town that I have driven through endless amount of times, but never stopped to take it in, never got out the car and explored.


Sometimes being lost in your own thoughts is a good thing, sometimes you need those days to embrace it and realise how truly special life is. We rely too much on others and what they think about us, we let other peoples opinions and views negotiate our decisions and our dreams, and we shouldn’t allow this. What people say and do effects us, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally; and what we do effects others too. I feel a lot of people forget this, forget that the words they speak, the actions they show and the decisions they make not only effect them but the people around them also.

This is the first time in many many years that I have just picked up my camera and explored, taken the time out for me and enjoyed every moment of it. Just got lost in the moment. I used to do this a lot when I lived in Bournemouth, with the beach being right around the corner it was the easiest most simple decision I could make. I could go sit on a bench at the beach, or on a cliff top and feel tranquil, at peace, relaxed. When you’re in a city where everything feels unknown, where you don’t know you’re left from your right, your cities from your towns and tourist attractions from the peaceful sanctuaries, it makes it challenging to embrace the moment.


Each individual will have that one thing that puts them at ease, helps them relax, makes them forget about all their inhibitions. Not everyone will know what theirs is, not everyone will realise theirs yet, but everyone has one. Some peoples will be material things; such as their computer, their video game, their iPod. Others will be scenery, memorable places or soothing sounds. I too have places where I feel that when I go there everything disappears, everything seems at peace, calm, tranquil. I won’t go in to what these are right now, because they are very personal, and there are only a few people who know and who will ever know where these are. But on a more generic note lets talk water. Water makes me feel calm, at ease. Be it the sea, a lake, a river, or even a pond; it doesn’t matter, just the calm feeling I get when I’m there. The sound of the water splashing in the rain, the sun glaring off of it on a summers day, or the ripples created in the wind. Water relaxes me and if I’ve ever had a bad day and you don’t know where to find me, just follow the river.

Love, Luce ♥


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