24th Birthday // 22.05.16

“The two most important days of your life are, the day you were born, and the day you figure out why” – Unknown.

So if you follow me on Twitter then you will know I wasn’t overly enthused for my birthday to come around this year; a lot has changed in recent months and it wasn’t going to be the fun exciting day I had hoped for anymore. I am no longer with my boyfriend, none of my friends live nearby, and my family weren’t able to visit due to other commitments. To top all of this off a colleague at work was Christening their child on my birthday which meant all of my work friends were attending this instead (just my luck).

I took three days off of work for my birthday to try and make the most of the weekend as my birthday fell on a Sunday this year. Over the weekend I spent a lot of time alone, cleaning, food shopping and just waiting for somebody to be free to do something with. With this aside, my family and friends got me a selection of beautiful, thoughtful gifts to make my day extra special.

One of my closest friends Meg got me so many lovely bits for my birthday; a bottle of Marques de Alarcon Rosè, two coloured Kilner mason jars (as I have recently ruined four of mine in the dishwasher – oops), Maui & Sons coconut chips and a beautiful bright bouquet of flowers – literally a selection of all my favourite things. She also got me a lovely china ornament shaped as a heart with the quote ‘Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget’.

meg presents

Anyone that knows me knows that I love candles and I have always wanted a Woodwick Candle. I have a few wooden wicked candles that I love, but I had never owned a Woodwick one. My parents very kindly picked me up a large Lemongrass Woodwick Candle for my birthday, I can’t wait to hear it crackle as it burns. I also received two other lovely candles from some friends at work; a lovely Citronella Glass Candle which is going to be perfect in the summer for outdoor BBQ’s to keep those pesky mosquitos away, and a lovely Elegance fresh linen scented candle from The Encore collection.

candles 2

One of my favourite and most thoughtful presents for my birthday was a tripod for my camera from Will, until now I haven’t had one and have just freehanded any photos I have taken. I knew as soon as I opened the gift what Will was hinting. He has wanted me to make YouTube videos for the last three years, but I have always come up with an excuse for not wanting to do so; one of which was not having a tripod. I was bought the Joby GorillaPod Hybrid designed  for use with DSLR and compact system cameras. The tripod has proprietary ABS plastic sockets, flexible wrapping legs, rubberised ring and foot grips and a built-in bullhead with bubble level. I have this in the black/grey design and I absolutely love it.

On my birthday Will and I explored a nearby forest so I could try out my new tripod, there were lots of lovely bluebells and high trees and thankfully the rain held off long enough that we didn’t get soaked, even if our shoes were very muddy by the end of it all.

bluebellswill forest.jpgbluebells 4.jpgtrees.jpgFor those that are new to my blog may not know that I am a triplet; my sisters and I have always said we are three peas in a pod. This year for my birthday one of my sisters Kirstie had a bracelet made for me and a necklace for my other sister Natalie in a similar design. My bracelet was designed with a silver wire to look like a pod of peas, inside the pod there are three mother of pearls each in a different colour. Pink, lilac and blue as they are each of our favourite colours, there were also three tags on the bracelet, each with our initials engraved on them.

kln bracelet

My other sister, Natalie gave me some money for my birthday; her way of showing me what she wanted me to put this money towards was to hand make me an Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – I can’t wait to go and buy the real thing.

urban decay palette.jpg

Between my family and friends I have made it very clear over the years that I love to travel; many of my nearest and dearest are aware that  I wish to travel to Australia this year. My family haven’t always been the most supportive of this decision, however without the support from my friends and family they all know I wouldn’t be able to go. This year for my birthday I got multiple travel related gifts from my friends and family – this has given me the push I needed to follow my dreams.

Two of my closest friends Tina and Naomi got me a lovely Sass & Belle china money box shaped like a suitcase with a world map design, on the front there is print saying ‘savings to go places’.

travelMy sister got me some adorable gifts from my Nephew, Archie telling me to travel and document it along the way. My family know that leaving Archie behind is a large reason that’s stopping me from going so these presents were so adorable and meaningful (even if they were from my sister, lets be real a one year old can’t write or pick out presents). I got a lovely scrapbook with a world map on the front – when I travelled previously I regretted not taking the time to make a scrapbook (it’s still half done and I travelled back in 2011). Inside the scrapbook was a postcode saying ‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it’ with a little message on the reverse.

‘A scrapbook to document your travels. Store photos, maps, tickets and messages from people along the way. Always keep your lucky charm with you. Love, Archie x’

Archie also got me a small wooden charm with a trunk engraved on the front with the phrase ‘safe travels’, attached to this there is a blue felt circle embossed with the phrase ‘the world is yours’.

travel token

My parents got me this beautiful Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Cross Body in black with gold hardware. I have been eyeing up this bag for a few months now but just never got around to purchasing it. I am so soo happy with the quality of the bag and so happy that I now have it.

MK bagI’ve included a few of my favourite things in this post, head on over to my Instagram to see some upcoming photos of some of the other items I received. I got a beautiful auntie bracelet from Archie, lots of American Candy and bottles of alcohol. My friends got me a helium balloon and family gave me some money to put towards things I’ve been saving for.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a sneak peak into my twenty-fourth birthday.

Love, Luce ♥


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