An Open-Letter to The Best Friend I Thought I Once Knew // 28.08.16

Dear my Former Best Friend,

Sometimes I get this urge to talk to you, and then I remember that you’re a different person now, it’s just sad because I miss you a lot. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it…when we wouldn’t go a day without talking to one another, barely a couple of hours of silence. You were just always there, ten years of friendship, best friendship, gone…just like that.

I feel like I should be asking how you are? Or seeing how life’s treating you? But I know it’s going well, I know you’re just fine.

Every now and then I stumble upon your facebook page and see the funny faces, the cheerful status’, and the treasure chest of memories that will never be left behind. I see the girl that I once knew, the girl that wasn’t just my best friend, but my sister, my right arm, my partner in crime. The person I would go to about everything, the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly. The girl that I would call from the other side of the world to be your shoulder to cry on through tough times, the girl that wouldn’t let me go to family events alone; who would sit with me at the funerals, dance with me at the weddings and be my date to every event in between. We were a duo, we were a team, we were Lozzy and Luce.

It’s been over three years since we last talked – who would’ve thought? My life has been a series of ups and downs since that last moment we spoke. Three years ago I would never have imagined my life without you in it…even now it baffles me.

You were always just a phone call away until you stopped picking up. You were always on my team until peer-pressure made you give in. But I guess that’s just life, people come and go with no explanation. Sometimes I scroll through facebook and look through all the photos of us together, the fun times, the memories, the moments I’ll never forget. I see the person I used to be, the girl I used to call my best friend, and the carefree part of me I wish I never lost.

Thank you for the past ten years, for being my best friend. For putting up with the drama and the quirks of teenage years. Thank you for being honest and telling me when I don’t look my best. Thank you for caring and always being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for the ups, and the downs – there is always something to learn from every situation. Thank you for welcoming me into your life and making me a part of your family, of the furniture, as you were with mine also. Thank you for the embarrassing photos that accompany our teenage years. Thank you for being the person that I can honestly say my school years wouldn’t have been the same without.

I’ll never forget the moments that we shared together. We shared secrets, watched movies, and went on adventures…you are a key role in shaping the person I became. You helped me grow and develop into the person I am today.

And even though we no longer speak, I want you to know that I no longer hold any bitterness towards you, I no longer hold any hatred. I will be honest and say there is still hurt, there will always be that feeling…but I could never hate you. You were my best friend, and a part of me will always see you as my best friend…nothing can take those years away.

Together we were unstoppable, we were a team, we stood by each other through thick and thin. If there was a struggle or a bend in the road…neither of us would go through it alone.

Always know that I cherish the times we spent together, the memories that made us the people we are today. I am thankful for the sleepless nights, the outrageous phone bills, and the ability to know there’s always someone there…because those are the memories I will treasure forever.

Please note, I don’t hate you, I never could. You were such an integral part of my life and nothing could ever take that away. I just wish we were still growing and sharing our time together in the way we always hoped we would. But that’s okay, some people change, and sometimes things don’t always follow the plan. But just know, that deep down even though this may be goodbye, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

I’ll always be rooting for you.

Love Always,

Your Ex-Best Friend xx


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