Australia Leaving Party // 03.09.16

“We live in a beautiful world that is filled with beauty, charm, and ADVENTURE” – Unknown.


Saturday 3rd September 2016: My family and close friends travelled from far and wide to attend my leaving party that my family were throwing me. Mum decked out the house with everything red, white and blue, or covered with an Australian flag.

There were banners, bunting and balloons everywhere you looked, not to mention the amazing cakes they got made for me. With cute little icing koala and kangaroo figurines, they fit the theme perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset56

And as if the huge cake wasn’t enough to feed everybody (turns out it was more than enough and could have easily fed the whole street), they also got these cute cupcakes made in two designs. And, if you know me well…you’ll know I love cupcakes!


Friends and Family had travelled from all over to be there which meant so much to me. From Leeds to Plymouth, to Wales and everywhere in between, everyone made such an effort! It was so nice to have everyone I care about in one room together, even if it were only for a few hours.


I think this is the first time in at least the last 5+ years that all five of the girls (cousins) have all been together at the same time…this definitely called for a photo opportunity.


Photo bombing and funny family photos are always a hit – and I absolutely LOVE all the photo props they bought! This photo is of my mum and her brother (my uncle) with my sister and I sneaking in the background.


My friend Stacey and I, who I met at Secondary school 13 years ago now! And Arron who I met 5 years ago at summer camp in America, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I still can’t believe he travelled from Wales to be there…such a great friend!


My mums best friend Sue came by which was so lovely, if I have a friendship like theirs when I’m older then I will be one happy lady. Look how happy they are…


For this one to come literally made everything perfect, and to see the bond him and Archie have melts my heart. I hope this continues in years to come and these moments don’t fade away.


As per usual, I don’t have any photos with my Dad (he tends to stay in the kitchen out of the way when parties are going on, he keeps himself to himself and chats to his friends and family out of all of the mayhem). Here’s one with my mum, I really like this photo…it’s one of those ‘in the moment’ photos.


Thank you so much to everyone who came, I had the best time.

Love, Luce ♥


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