Exploring the City // 15.10.16

“Nobody owns the world, so feel free to explore it” – E.A.Cabaltica

2For those that don’t know, Melbourne is known to have a pretty good transport system…in the six weeks I have been in Melbourne, I have primarily used trains and trams; alongside the occasional lift from friends. In the middle of the city, there is a free tram zone, in this zone, you can hop on and off the trams without paying…pretty great huh?

Recently, I noticed there were ‘old fashioned’ city circle trams, and I didn’t understand what was different about them. So, me being me, went home and researched it…turns out that they do a loop around the entire city. They have a speaker system built in them which gives you a running commentary about the history of the area you are passing through while pointing out tourist locations along the way. And, added bonus…THEY’RE FREE!

1Sometimes exploring alone can be more fun than exploring in a big group of people. I really enjoyed having the freedom to jump on and off the tram wherever I wished, I had no time restraints or other commitments, I just took my time and explored at my own pace.

South Wharf is a really pretty area, it’s right on the Yarra river and has an amazing view of the city. Not only that, there is an outlet shopping center here, and plenty of lovely restaurants and cute cafes overlooking the river. I’ve been to the shopping outlet a handful of times since being in Melbourne and it’s huge! I still don’t think I’ve been around the entire center yet. If you’re lucky though you can pick up some pretty great deals, though!


Yarra River – South Wharf

I find myself stopping in the middle of the bridge every time and just looking at the city, I feel there is so much to see and take in. Believe it or not, people actually get helicopters to shop here. Why? I don’t know. The fact that someone can afford to pay for a helicopter yet chooses to go to an outlet is beyond me.224I absolutely love these bikes that ‘decorate’ this restaurant. I’ve always wanted a Pashley bike or one in a similar style. I absolutely love this style of bike, and I think they look great surrounding this restaurant.

The Melbourne Star is a giant ferris wheel on the waterfront with birds eye views of the city. I haven’t yet gotten around to going on it, however, I definitely wish to do this during my time in Melbourne. At night, the star glows in different colours, as if it’s not pretty enough already.

Melbourne Star – The Docklands

I hopped off the tram at the harbor and it was so beautiful. Lots of boats parked up in the dock, a view of emirates stadium and the rest of the city and lots of pretty trees surrounding the area.25.jpg30.jpgI noticed there were lots of waterfront restaurants, although all pretty pricey they definitely have amazing waterfront views!29.jpg24I didn’t realise until arriving in Australia quite how many Asian people reside here. Okay, now I think about it, we are right next to Asia so it does make sense. I particularly loved this kids jersey saying ‘curry’ on the back – not gonna lie I have a pretty weird sense of humour, and I found this hilarious (so much so, I took a photo).13I’m pretty sure there is a China Town in most major cities around the world. China Town in Melbourne is no different. Chinese lanterns hanging from above, bright colourful signs outside every shop, and restaurants galore!

China Town – Lt Bourke St

18As you walk down the stretch of China Town there are so many aromas of Chinese cuisine…there’s something to suit every taste.

Now, I don’t know what this church was called, but I do remember it was in the middle of a stretch of high-rise buildings on Swanston St. It really stood out to me. I love that in the hustle and bustle of a big city, there’s still quaint little churches and architecture in their original form.

12Parliament House is one of my favourite places I’ve visited in Melbourne so far. The location is amazing, at the end of all the major streets in the CBD and overlooking the city. On one side there is a green grassed area, where many choose to sit and relax on a warm day, and the other side where there are lots of steps leading up to the entrance. I have been known to go and sit on the steps before work and overlook the city, although it’s still in the hustle and bustle of the city, I find it quite peaceful and relaxing.

Parliament House

23Finally, the amazing ceiling in Melbourne Central Station! I absolutely love the ceiling in this station. An old chimney pipe, still marked with ‘lead pipe & shot factory’ with a glass roof…it kind of reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they go through the roof. I absolutely love it, I find myself take photos of it every time I pass through.


Melbourne Central Station

I hope you enjoyed being a part of my day while I explored the city. There will be much more to come over the upcoming months as I get to know Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

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Love, Luce ♥



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