What We Learnt at Summer Camp // CaitoTaylo

“Where strangers become friends, and friendships last forever” – Unknown.

My friend (and hopefully soon to be flat-mate) Caitlin has a YouTUBE channel. She uploads lots of fun videos, many of which are related to camp…partly because of her job, but mainly because camp is the amazing, so why the heck not?

I recently teamed up with her to do a video on ‘What we learnt at Summer Camp’.

DISCLAIMER: This is Caitlin’s video that I am simply sharing. The filming and editing are all Caitlin, I am simply just in it!

I have linked the video below if you want to have a watch.

I introduce my YouTUBE debut…

Please check out some of her other videos and subscribe for more of CaitoTaylo.

I’m still contemplating the idea of making my own channel – do I just jump in the deep end and do it? (Answer the poll / comment below).

Love, Luce ♥


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