The Grampians // 30.10.16 – 01.11.16

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” – Unknown.

50.jpgSo, apparently in Australia, they have public holidays for absolutely anything. Since arriving here two months ago there have already been two public holidays…(AFL Grand Final, and Melbourne Cup)…not exactly normal holidays.

Due to these public holidays, it means a lot of people are off work, or at least work reduced hours…what better time to take a road trip to The Grampians right? My friends Zoe and Lucy and their parents go to The Grampians every year over cup weekend. So, this year a bunch of us decided to tag along (we were invited, we didn’t gate crash).

42.jpg7.jpgA friend, Skye, very kindly offered to drive the three-hour road trip to get us to The Grampians. I find road trips so much fun…chilling out in the car, belting out the tunes with your friends, and stopping off in cities you would never normally think to go. What more could you want?

6.jpgWe made a few pit stops along the journey to take some photos of the beautiful scenery and break up the journey (not that it was that long – it literally flew by). There were so many amazing fields, filled with bright, colourful flowers, such a picturesque area to travel through.

It was so lovely to see these parts of Victoria. Since arriving in Australia I’ve spent most of my time in the city; due to ease of access, work, and where my friends like to hang out. It was nice to escape the hustle and bustle, have no phone signal for what felt like a lifetime, and just enjoy the great outdoors with my friends.

9The campsite we stayed at was called Lake Fyans Holiday Park, and it’s situated in the middle of The Grampians. The rest of our group arrived a few days prior to us, so they kindly set up our tent for us so it was all ready for when we arrived.

This actually was very much appreciated as when we arrived; myself, Jen and Skye had a much needed nap. I had gone out to a Halloween Party the night before we left and didn’t get in until 04.00am (oops) – with the added bonus that we started our road trip at 08.00am it’s fair to say I was pretty exhausted.

10Within our party, we had a caravan and two tents which we were all spread out between. Having the caravan there was soo handy – using the hob to cook meals, the sink to wash up all the mess, and the gazebo to keep everything dry through the countless number of showers we encountered.

We arrived at the campsite around lunchtime on Sunday 30th October and left on the morning of Tuesday 1st November. During this time we played one game of cards against humanity, had two campfires, did four hikes and took hundreds of photos.

So, I’ve decided to split our adventures up into several posts for ease of reading; I will upload a new post each Wednesday for the next five weeks. Once the post is live, I will attach a link to it below:

The Grampians – Day 1: Halls Gap // 30.10.16

The Grampians – Day 1: Kangaroos and Lake Fyans // 30.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2: Hollow Mountain // 31.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2:  Fish Falls // 31.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2: The Balconies and Reeds Lookout // 31.10.16

I had an absolutely amazing time exploring the outdoors with my friends, and it’s always great to escape for a few days. I would highly recommend visiting The Grampians if you are ever in Victoria, and I really hope I get a chance to return before I move on with my travels.

Love, Luce ♥


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