Werribee Gorge Hike // 06.11.16

“The journey is never finished, the foal is always just across the next river, round the shoulder of the next mountain. There is always one more track to follow, one more mirage to explore” – Rosita Forbes

Recently, I was chatting with some friends about things to do in Melbourne, and they were saying there are lots of fun hikes around. That weekend we decided to go and explore and complete one of the hikes that we had heard a lot about.

14We drove around 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours to Werribee Gorge where there are two circuit walks; the short circuit, and the full circuit. The short circuit was 5km and takes around 2 hours; and the full circuit was 10km and advised it takes 5hrs to complete. Us being us, decided to do the full circuit – i’m not sure what we were thinking at this point.

81The circuit  started  by going up the steepest hill, while walking over an abundance of rocks and gravel.  When we started the hike we were all wrapped up in our jackets as the weather was a little overcast. We had to consistently walk up hill just to keep the momentum going. One of the girls stopped part way for a breather, not a good idea…getting going again was quite the challenge.

5Before we were even half way up the first hill we had to make a pit stop to remove all our additional layers, bathe ourselves in sun cream and hydrate. We had no idea how hot it was going to be when we started the hike, and even though it made it so much more challenging, it was nice to enjoy some of the warmer weather, while being surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

411The saying, “what goes up, must come down” was pretty apt on this hike, as it literally felt we were going up and down every two minutes. I really enjoyed that the terrain varies so much throughout the hike; gravel, rocks, sand, water, you get to climb through it all.

276One of the great things about this hike are there are so many lookout points that you can stop at and take in the surroundings. There are boards which tell you a bit about what you are looking at. Most of these describe the nature you might see or hear from this point, normally describing birds (however we didn’t see any), and sometimes including stories about the history of that location.

10At the start of the hike there was a sign that mentioned that this hike was aimed at intermediate to experienced walkers – now this confused us. Nobody in our group could be classed as an ‘experienced walker’ however we figured we can walk, we’re all pretty fit and healthy, and we can help each other along the way.

The sign mentioned that there would be various terrain, scrambling and climbing included. Until we reached this point of the hike we hadn’t come across much/if any scrambling (we may have been on our hands and knees a lot, but this wasn’t intentional) haha!

212There was a thin metal wire attached to a slanted rock face which aided you as you climbed around the front of the rock. The rocks were a little way off of the ground, and hung over a body of water…basically, if you fell you were gonna get wet (and probably hurt yourself).

1326Me, being me decided to do this one handed as I took photos of the rest of the group. I’m not going to lie, this seriously worked my core. Imagine trying to balance on a rock face, holding on to a wobbly wire that moves every time somebody moves, while trying to focus your camera with the other hand. It was quite the challenge. However, I feel a few of the photos turned out well enough for you to get an idea of the different aspects of the climb – personally, this part was one of my favourite bits.

1619Sometimes it’s just nice to be out in nature, and away from the city life. I live and work in the city so it becomes so easy to get caught up in it all. I love how peaceful and serene it is when you’re away from the high rise buildings, the traffic and general air pollution. You can actually start to process your own thoughts, breathe fresh air, and relax for once.

2023Going out and exploring a place you’ve never been before not only opens your mind to new adventures but it allows you to let go of all the negativity that builds up on a day to day basis. Even the most positive people allow things to get to them, sometimes you just need to escape for a few hours to a place with no phone signal, and just explore…forget about everything you left behind, and just enjoy yourself in the moment.

1821This hike was great, because it felt like you were going through different adventures along the way. One minute you would be climbing a hill, crossing a river, or scrambling across rocks…the next you’d be walking along a sandy beach, overlooking the gorge and eating your lunch next to the water.

2425I need to make the time to adventure more, to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy the natural beauty Australia has to offer. Because at the end of this trip I don’t want to look back and go ‘what if’, I want to say ‘remember when’.

Love, Luce ♥


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