The Grampians – Day 1: Halls Gap // 30.10.16

“I love places that make you realise how tiny you and your problems are” – Anonymous.

After a long four hour drive to The Grampians, we had a little nap in the tents the rest of our group so kindly set up for us and then headed out on our first adventure.

Firstly, we went to Halls Gap Botanic Gardens, a beautiful nature walk. This walk is quite flat, but with plenty to explore. Near the beginning of the walk, there’s the Noa Keenatt welcome center. Inside, there are hundreds of aboriginal artifacts and stories about Australian History. Unfortunately for us, it was pouring with rain so we used this time to explore the center and learn about aboriginal times and get a glance at some of the interesting artifacts the center has collected – many of which are replicas now (unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside).

1913Thankfully, by the time we were done in the welcome center, the rain had begun to pass so we continued with our hike. There were so many cute little bridges, and quirky pieced of art along the hike. We came across a gateway with a whole bunch of these clay pieces of artwork attached to it. They brightened up the walk and were so interesting to look at. Some of which had initials and dates engraved in them, most of which had been there since 2012.

1415The great thing about hiking with a group of friends is you can walk and chat and take in all the beautiful scenery along the way. Coffee shops are overrated, right? 😉

My friends Zoe and Lucy have come to The Grampians every year since they were little, so they know plenty of cool hikes and have loads of great stories to tell. They told us about a natural waterfall that they used to slide down when they were little at a place called Venus Baths. Although we weren’t prepared to slide down it there and then, we thought we would at least go and see what all the fuss was about. They were right it was a pretty cool natural water slide, however, the rain was not on our side and it started chucking it down as soon as we arrived.

12 This was my poor attempt to take a photo of the slide – the rain was so heavy I had no chance. However, I think it turned into a pretty cool photo anyway. My camera, however, took a good hour to dry out and for the water to come out from behind the screen – oops (if you hadn’t already guessed, my camera isn’t waterproof).

2022Before you know it the sun is shining again and it’s as if it never rained…gotta love Australia!

Continue reading about my trip here: The Grampians – Day 1: Kangaroos and Lake Fyans // 30.10.16

Love, Luce ♥


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