The Grampians – Day 1: Kangaroos and Lake Fyans // 30.10.16

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of posibility” – Unknown

While driving back from our hike at Halls Gap, we stopped off at an open grassed area that was filled with Kangaroos.

27This was the first time I have seen Kangaroos since arriving in Australia, I was soo excited! I couldn’t get too close as they are wild Kangaroos, but it was so exciting to be able to get up close with them and see them in their natural environment.

3428How adorable are these little guys? I must’ve taken around fifty photos of them in the short time we were there. I couldn’t believe how big the adult males were, when they stand up tall they are some scary looking things…although, soft and fluffy, they could do some damage if they wanted too.

3231This little mother has a joey in her pouch. Watching her climb in was the weirdest, interesting, most bizarre thing. They literally do a forward roll and land in their mothers’ pouches – it’s pretty fascinating to watch.

Once again, the rain came and we were forced to retreat back to the car and leave these little guys to continue bouncing around.  On the way back to the car we saw this bird, look at all the cute little babies underneath her keeping warm and out of the rain.

24After returning to the campsite we explored the site and went to see Lake Fyans (the lake the campsite is named after). It was soo windy, that we all look very windswept and everyone’s a little lost behind my hair – oops.

36.jpg37In the evening we had a campfire and made a delicious dinner that we ate around the fire. We all played Cards Against Humanity in the tents – which I had never played before now but somehow kept winning (my friends all said it was beginners luck, I think I’m just pretty funny).

3839The evenings were freezing so we all layered up and sat around the fire to keep warm. Due to the bad weather we were advised we weren’t allowed to light any campfires, however, others in our group already had theirs lit so we all went and sat around theirs together.

I love a good campfire, however, my eyes don’t love it so much. I sat with sunglasses on the entire time, yet my eyes would still water behind them.

Continue reading about my trip here: The Grampians – Day 2: Fish Falls.

Love, Luce ♥


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