The Grampians – Day 2: The Balconies and Reeds Lookout // 31.10.16

“The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask” – Rick Ridgeway

After leaving Fish Falls we took a quick detour via the Wartook Reservoir on the way to our next destination…The Balconies and Reeds Lookout.

The reservoir was really pretty, and I can imagine they get some pretty amazing sunsets mirroring on the water here. The water was really calm, and the area felt like a relaxing, tranquil setting.

109grampians-3Thankfully the walk to The Balconies and Reeds Lookout was only around 1km in distance, as by this point in the day we had done quite a lot of walking. We walked across the cute wooden bridges and climbed over the piles of rocks to make our way to the lookout.

113On the trail to the lookout, there were some amazing views of the mountains and local reservoirs. We climbed our way over the rocks to get a closer look and thought they would make an awesome backdrop.

116I really enjoyed this viewpoint as you could see a combination of the mountains, lake, and trees all in one shot.

117111When looking out from The Balconies it was clear to see how high we had climbed – look how tiny the trees look down there! From this viewpoint, I could see a ledge sticking out called Reeds Lookout. I couldn’t see a footpath to get to it so may have had to do some offroading to get there (may not have been the safest idea so I wouldn’t recommend going solo, but my friend and I checked out the area first).

119118We climbed over the barrier and climbed down the rocks to get to this awesome ledge. Although you can’t really see it in the photo, it was pretty much a straight drop surrounding this ledge. My friend Zoe took the above two photos from The Balconies lookout so you can see how the ledge sticks out separately from the rest of the cliff.

grampians-4grampians-1The above two photos were taken by my friend Skye, who I convinced to come down to the ledge with me to be photographer…however, I think I almost gave her, and the rest of our group a heart attack when I jumped (oops). The view from this ledge was incredible, you could literally see for miles. The trees looked like tiny dots, and the mountains in the distance look so small in comparison to the size we know they are.

114115Although this was a very last minute, spontaneous hike, it definitely had some of the most beautiful, picturesque views of our trip.

That’s the last of The Grampians series – I hope you enjoyed seeing a snippet into my trip and the rest of the posts can be viewed now on my blog.

Love, Luce ♥


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