Primark // 08.05.16

“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you” – Coco Chanel

primark 13

Okay, so after saying last week that I rarely go into Primark, I returned almost immediately and picked up some more pieces ready for the spring/summer. My parents came down to celebrate my birthday early with me as they are unable to visit nearer to my birthday and my mum loves the Primark near where I live; it’s a pretty large store as it is spread out over two floors.

I actually went in just to return a top I bought on my previous trip (I didn’t include it in the Primark // 29.04.16 post as I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the item, and therefore didn’t wish to promote it). While wandering around with my mum a few things caught my eye which I am now really looking forward to being able to wear in the upcoming warmer months.

primark 16

You may remember that on my last Primark visit I picked up the T-Bar flats in a khaki green colour and also in black. In the last week I have worn these shoes to death, they are certainly going to be getting a lot of wear out of them over the coming months. They are extremely comfortable, and very flattering to wear. The pointed toe covers just the right amount of the toes and the band around the ankle is just thin enough to do it’s purpose but not look clumpy. I went back to see if they had any other colours (as if two weren’t enough), I picked up the third and final pair they sell. They are a lovely burnt orange/browny colour which I think will look really pretty with tan/beige pieces. Again, only £6.00 – you can’t really go wrong.

primark 13

I picked up this speckled grey/brown coloured t-shirt which beautiful embellishment around the neck. The t-shirt has short capped sleeves which just cover the shoulders and fit loosely underneath the arm. The length sits just past your hips and has two slits up each side which allows the top to fall nicely and not stick to your jeans as you move. There is a small mesh detailing around the neckline, which has a beautiful arrangement of beads sewn on. This could be perceived similarly to an aztec design and the colours of the beads work great with the colour of the material. The top is a very soft cotton, it would look great for day to day wear or if you wanted to try and dress up an outfit a little bit but still look comfortable and casual. This came in at just £8.00, I picked this up in a size 8 which fits true to size.

primark 18

The next item is a little out of my comfort zone but there was something that attracted me to it and I just love it. Also when I saw the price tag it had been reduced from £10.00 to just £5.00 – you can’t really say no to that.

primark 15

I picked up this lovely floral blouse with a cream base. There are lots of different flowers across the design in a multitude of spring, summery colours. I feel with the pinks, blues and yellows this will add a nice pop of colour to any outfit over the summer period. The sleeves are full length in a nice light, flowy material. There is a loose tie around the neck area which you can tie in a loose bow or leave to hang down. The neckline is cut into a V which adds a nice flattering shape to the blouse. Although the material is lovely and light, I feel you could get away with wearing a light coloured bralet underneath as opposed to a top, due to the pattern and design it isn’t completely see through.

primark 14

Finally, my absolute favourite piece! Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been looking for a stone coloured trench coat for the longest amount of time. I have been eyeing one in Burberry for some time however I can’t quite bear to part with that amount of money right now. I saw this and almost ran across the store to take a closer look. It’s a gorgeous light beige/stone colour that will be perfect for the upcoming season. It has six brown marble effect buttons down the front which the jacket does up with and a matching tie that sits around the waist. The arms are full length and the coat sits and mid thigh length. There is a nice thick collar and the lapels cross over when the jacket is done up. It is a very lightweight durable material that will be perfect for throwing on with jeans and a nice top to smarten up an outfit in an instant. This was only £14.00!! I was expecting this to be a lot more pricy, even for Primark I thought this would be between £25-£30. If you were looking to pick this item up I would definitely size down, I picked this up in a size 6 and I am generally a size 8 or 10 in coats.


Here is an overview of all four pieces, all coming in at just £33!! Add a pair of jeans and I have two full outfits right there. I will be the first to admit that I am sceptical when it comes to shopping in Primark, but it proves that if you take your time and look for the right item for you then you can pick up an absolute bargain!

Sorry for two very similar posts so closely together, I just wanted to share what I picked up before they left the store.

Love, Luce ♥


Primark // 24.04.16

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping” – Bo Derek.

Primark 4

If I’m honest I don’t often go into Primark stores, if anything it’s quite a rarity. I don’t enjoy the constant apologies and moving in and out of peoples way as you get all the local teenagers walking around in large groups blocking all of the aisles and mums barricading off areas with their pushchairs. There’s toddlers pulling everything off the hangers and throwing it all on the floor and you have to search through an entire rail just to see that they don’t have your size in something. I know this is a pretty closed off opinion but believe me the amount of times I’ve encountered this it’s just too many not to form an opinion.

Today, while in town I popped in to have a look for some new flats I could wear to work (mission successful). I was extremely surprised that it wasn’t half as bad as it normally is in there. Admittedly I did purposely go while the kids were still at school and just after the lunch rush, however it was still pretty busy and I did still have to queue for 15 minutes to pay for my purchases.

What I bought:

  • Black T-Bar flats.
  • Khaki T-Bar flats.
  • Navy Skirt.
  • Brown braided/fringe belt.

Primark 6

Primark 7

I absolutely love my new T-bar flats, so much so that I bought them in two colours; black, and khaki green. At only £6.00 why wouldn’t you get them in both colours? They are a soft suede material which makes them super comfortable and eliminates any chances of them rubbing. They have a small gold buckle which clasps together on the outer ankle, and a slim T-bar going up the centre of the foot for a nice added touch. One thing I particularly like about these shoes is that the point is not too pronounced. I feel sometimes with pointed toes they can make your feet look multiple sizes larger than they are because of this feature. These shoes are true to size and don’t make your feet look tonnes large than they actually are. I bought mine in a UK5 which fit perfectly (I generally buy shoes in a UK5 / UK5.5 depending on the shape and style of the shoe).

Primark 8.jpg

I also picked up a navy and white aztec print skirt and a brown braided/fringe style belt. The skirt is a slightly thicker material and quite structured, it is a fitted skirt and sits mid thigh length. There is a small zip in the back which definitely adds to the fit and structure of the skirt. It is a nice quality material and the pattern is all stitched in, which is a bit different to the average printed pattern. The skirt was £10.00 but when I got to the till it had been put into the sale for only £5.00!!

Primark 9.jpg

I also picked up this braided belt to wear with it; I can’t remember how much it was, but it wasn’t more than a couple of pounds. It is braided the entire way around and then both ends have a gold metal section which then moves onto a fringed ends. I really like that there is no buckle to the belt so you can tie it up whether you like; whether thats around your waist, or your hips and it will fit perfectly every time. I think when worn together with a white cami and the khaki flats, it will be a pretty summer look.

Love, Luce ♥