The Grampians – Day 2: Fish Falls // 31.10.16

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Fish Falls they say, it will be a quick one they say. Bearing in mind we had just done the Hollow Mountain hike, we decided to drive on to the next one…Fish Falls.

grampians-687Thankfully, the weather was still on our side – beautiful blue skies, barely a cloud in the sky. This time, a slightly smaller group of us decided to explore Fish Falls.

89107To most people, a hike is a hike…but to others, it’s an adventure. This was a fairly flat trail with beautiful tall trees and bridges parading over the small streams that ran below. As you walked through the grass and red dust paths you could hear the water running down the stream and the birds singing in the trees.

94107We walked around 2km before we reached the waterful, where we sat and ate some vegemite sandwiches and an assortment of nuts – how Aussie of us ay?

You could hear the waterfall running down the rocks and into the stream. There were no artificial sounds or unnecessary distractions…just natural beauty.

9899 Skye and I decided to take a closer look at the waterfall while the rest of the group chilled on the rocks. We walked right up close to some of the rocks surrounding the edge of the waterfall…not gonna lie the spray off of the rocks got us pretty wet.

102100101Above are a few pictures of myself and Skye as close as we could get to the waterfall, the top picture shows me slipping and almost falling on my butt, while getting soaked in the process.

106I absolutely love waterfalls and find the sound of water so relaxing (especially when it’s trickling down a stream, or in this case from a waterfall). We didn’t stay for long as there were a few more climbs we wanted to fit in before the sun went down so we continued our hike back to the car to head to Reeds Lookout and The Balconies.

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The Grampians – Day 2: Hollow Mountain // 31.10.16

“Seek adventures that open your mind” – Unknown

Everyone was up bright and early to start today’s adventure. We drove around forty-five minutes away from the campsite to a popular hike called Hollow Mountain.

43As we drove closer to the trail we were greeted with red dust roads, landscapes filled with hills for as far as the eye could see, and some of the most picturesque viewpoints that I couldn’t wait to climb.

4445Although there was a fairly large group of us we decided to take our time and climb in smaller groups and meet up at different points along the climb, this way there was no pressure on anyone. I just wanted to picture everything as the colours of the scenery were so vibrant and uplifting – it’s difficult to feel anything but happy in these surroundings. We all put on our ‘war paint’ (also known as coal found on the ground) and set sail…or should I say started hiking? aha.

8346Myself, and the girls all stayed together and chatted and giggled our way up the rocks which made it all the more fun to do together. Not only was it nice to tell funny stories and chat along the way, it was great to be able to support each other and help each other over the tougher terrain.

50When we reached the top of the first part of the climb, we regrouped with the rest of the gang and took this opportunity to take a photo of the ‘kids’ as the older ones of the group would like to call us. Not gonna lie, although this was a quick spur of the moment photo, I actually love how it turned out.

5152By this point, we had reached ‘the climb’ – my favourite part. There’s something so invigorating about climbing rock faces with no harness or safety mechanisms attached – don’t worry it’s safe to do so here as long as you’re sensible. My friend Anna was a little scared of heights so we all pulled together to get her to the top and ensure she felt safe and supported by the group. Great Job Anna!!

5355By the time we had reached the first viewpoint, you could actually start to see an impressive view – before now you could see the trail behind you and the occasional view in the distance when looking through a gap in the rocks. But this was pretty nice. In the above picture, you can see the red dust road that we started walking on at the beginning of the trail. Although it doesn’t look that far away, we had already hiked pretty far by this point.

5758We all took a minute to have a rest and take in the beautiful views, it was so peaceful up there. Sometimes you forget what it’s like to not be able to hear cars driving past, and the constant hustle and bustle of a city. It was peaceful, serene. I really love this photo of my friend Zoe, you can see she is truly lost in thought and admiring the view. I think the best photos are always the unexpected ones.

6061I left my camera with Lucy while I went to climb one of the nearby rocks, it was higher than the rest and I felt like I could get a better view from up there. Lucy managed to capture some pretty awesome shots while I was there, which really show how pretty the view was.

6364After climbing through many small gaps and caves we reached the top…well as far as we could safely climb with no climbing gear (it was a pretty windy day). We all regrouped here and chilled out for a bit before the downward climb began.

656768Thankfully the rain held off so we could enjoy the beautiful scenery and take some pictures before we had to return to shore (or the car – what is with these sea references)? Standing on different parts of the rocks meant you could see in so many different directions, you could see nothing but trees and greenery for miles in one direction, and red dirt roads and rock mountains in another.

6970On our decline, we climbed through many small gaps and overlooked many beautiful views. It’s fascinating how much you miss on the way up just because you’re facing a different direction. We must have stopped so many times just to take it all in.

7374Instead of climbing all the way back through the cave the way we initially came, Tony; Zoe’s dad decided we should climb down the rock face behind the cliff…now I’m not sure whether this was a great idea at the time, but I trusted him so went with his judgment. Now, for those that don’t know Tony, he’s over 6ft tall so I feel like he had a slight height advantage to the rest of us.

Now, for those that don’t know Tony, he’s over 6ft tall so I feel like he had a slight height advantage to the rest of us. Myself and Lucy had to really stretch at one point to be able to reach the below rocks, but it was so worth it.

7275Somehow, Skye may have taken a tumble in a hilarious fashion (I literally feel like it happened in slow motion) and although you can’t see her face, she was laughing pretty hard at this point (as were the rest of us) – don’t worry she’s okay, no injuries…thankfully!

7880Half way down we stopped for a little pick me up and snack break…believe me by this point it was well needed. I was starving! This cave was the perfect spot for sharing round granola bars and having a breather while sheltering from a passing shower.

8584As you climb down the rocks and uneven paths you start to realise how far you’ve climbed. It’s funny how much quicker you can climb down something as opposed to climbing up it. Thankfully the rain held up until we reached the bottom so none of us got too wet.

88By the time we had reached the bottom the skies had cleared and the rain had passed (for now anyway). As we had all separated on the way down it was nice to regroup at the bottom. Hiking is such a great way to keep fit, enjoy nature, and enjoy the great outdoors all at the same time. I wish I lived closer to places like this so I could explore all the time.

86Sorry for the long post!

I hope you enjoyed seeing an insight to one of my favourite climbs so far – I must have taken over 100 photos on this climb, although there are a lot in this post, this is just a snapshot of the great time we shared.

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The Grampians – Day 1: Kangaroos and Lake Fyans // 30.10.16

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of posibility” – Unknown

While driving back from our hike at Halls Gap, we stopped off at an open grassed area that was filled with Kangaroos.

27This was the first time I have seen Kangaroos since arriving in Australia, I was soo excited! I couldn’t get too close as they are wild Kangaroos, but it was so exciting to be able to get up close with them and see them in their natural environment.

3428How adorable are these little guys? I must’ve taken around fifty photos of them in the short time we were there. I couldn’t believe how big the adult males were, when they stand up tall they are some scary looking things…although, soft and fluffy, they could do some damage if they wanted too.

3231This little mother has a joey in her pouch. Watching her climb in was the weirdest, interesting, most bizarre thing. They literally do a forward roll and land in their mothers’ pouches – it’s pretty fascinating to watch.

Once again, the rain came and we were forced to retreat back to the car and leave these little guys to continue bouncing around.  On the way back to the car we saw this bird, look at all the cute little babies underneath her keeping warm and out of the rain.

24After returning to the campsite we explored the site and went to see Lake Fyans (the lake the campsite is named after). It was soo windy, that we all look very windswept and everyone’s a little lost behind my hair – oops.

36.jpg37In the evening we had a campfire and made a delicious dinner that we ate around the fire. We all played Cards Against Humanity in the tents – which I had never played before now but somehow kept winning (my friends all said it was beginners luck, I think I’m just pretty funny).

3839The evenings were freezing so we all layered up and sat around the fire to keep warm. Due to the bad weather we were advised we weren’t allowed to light any campfires, however, others in our group already had theirs lit so we all went and sat around theirs together.

I love a good campfire, however, my eyes don’t love it so much. I sat with sunglasses on the entire time, yet my eyes would still water behind them.

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The Grampians – Day 1: Halls Gap // 30.10.16

“I love places that make you realise how tiny you and your problems are” – Anonymous.

After a long four hour drive to The Grampians, we had a little nap in the tents the rest of our group so kindly set up for us and then headed out on our first adventure.

Firstly, we went to Halls Gap Botanic Gardens, a beautiful nature walk. This walk is quite flat, but with plenty to explore. Near the beginning of the walk, there’s the Noa Keenatt welcome center. Inside, there are hundreds of aboriginal artifacts and stories about Australian History. Unfortunately for us, it was pouring with rain so we used this time to explore the center and learn about aboriginal times and get a glance at some of the interesting artifacts the center has collected – many of which are replicas now (unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside).

1913Thankfully, by the time we were done in the welcome center, the rain had begun to pass so we continued with our hike. There were so many cute little bridges, and quirky pieced of art along the hike. We came across a gateway with a whole bunch of these clay pieces of artwork attached to it. They brightened up the walk and were so interesting to look at. Some of which had initials and dates engraved in them, most of which had been there since 2012.

1415The great thing about hiking with a group of friends is you can walk and chat and take in all the beautiful scenery along the way. Coffee shops are overrated, right? 😉

My friends Zoe and Lucy have come to The Grampians every year since they were little, so they know plenty of cool hikes and have loads of great stories to tell. They told us about a natural waterfall that they used to slide down when they were little at a place called Venus Baths. Although we weren’t prepared to slide down it there and then, we thought we would at least go and see what all the fuss was about. They were right it was a pretty cool natural water slide, however, the rain was not on our side and it started chucking it down as soon as we arrived.

12 This was my poor attempt to take a photo of the slide – the rain was so heavy I had no chance. However, I think it turned into a pretty cool photo anyway. My camera, however, took a good hour to dry out and for the water to come out from behind the screen – oops (if you hadn’t already guessed, my camera isn’t waterproof).

2022Before you know it the sun is shining again and it’s as if it never rained…gotta love Australia!

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Werribee Gorge Hike // 06.11.16

“The journey is never finished, the foal is always just across the next river, round the shoulder of the next mountain. There is always one more track to follow, one more mirage to explore” – Rosita Forbes

Recently, I was chatting with some friends about things to do in Melbourne, and they were saying there are lots of fun hikes around. That weekend we decided to go and explore and complete one of the hikes that we had heard a lot about.

14We drove around 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours to Werribee Gorge where there are two circuit walks; the short circuit, and the full circuit. The short circuit was 5km and takes around 2 hours; and the full circuit was 10km and advised it takes 5hrs to complete. Us being us, decided to do the full circuit – i’m not sure what we were thinking at this point.

81The circuit  started  by going up the steepest hill, while walking over an abundance of rocks and gravel.  When we started the hike we were all wrapped up in our jackets as the weather was a little overcast. We had to consistently walk up hill just to keep the momentum going. One of the girls stopped part way for a breather, not a good idea…getting going again was quite the challenge.

5Before we were even half way up the first hill we had to make a pit stop to remove all our additional layers, bathe ourselves in sun cream and hydrate. We had no idea how hot it was going to be when we started the hike, and even though it made it so much more challenging, it was nice to enjoy some of the warmer weather, while being surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

411The saying, “what goes up, must come down” was pretty apt on this hike, as it literally felt we were going up and down every two minutes. I really enjoyed that the terrain varies so much throughout the hike; gravel, rocks, sand, water, you get to climb through it all.

276One of the great things about this hike are there are so many lookout points that you can stop at and take in the surroundings. There are boards which tell you a bit about what you are looking at. Most of these describe the nature you might see or hear from this point, normally describing birds (however we didn’t see any), and sometimes including stories about the history of that location.

10At the start of the hike there was a sign that mentioned that this hike was aimed at intermediate to experienced walkers – now this confused us. Nobody in our group could be classed as an ‘experienced walker’ however we figured we can walk, we’re all pretty fit and healthy, and we can help each other along the way.

The sign mentioned that there would be various terrain, scrambling and climbing included. Until we reached this point of the hike we hadn’t come across much/if any scrambling (we may have been on our hands and knees a lot, but this wasn’t intentional) haha!

212There was a thin metal wire attached to a slanted rock face which aided you as you climbed around the front of the rock. The rocks were a little way off of the ground, and hung over a body of water…basically, if you fell you were gonna get wet (and probably hurt yourself).

1326Me, being me decided to do this one handed as I took photos of the rest of the group. I’m not going to lie, this seriously worked my core. Imagine trying to balance on a rock face, holding on to a wobbly wire that moves every time somebody moves, while trying to focus your camera with the other hand. It was quite the challenge. However, I feel a few of the photos turned out well enough for you to get an idea of the different aspects of the climb – personally, this part was one of my favourite bits.

1619Sometimes it’s just nice to be out in nature, and away from the city life. I live and work in the city so it becomes so easy to get caught up in it all. I love how peaceful and serene it is when you’re away from the high rise buildings, the traffic and general air pollution. You can actually start to process your own thoughts, breathe fresh air, and relax for once.

2023Going out and exploring a place you’ve never been before not only opens your mind to new adventures but it allows you to let go of all the negativity that builds up on a day to day basis. Even the most positive people allow things to get to them, sometimes you just need to escape for a few hours to a place with no phone signal, and just explore…forget about everything you left behind, and just enjoy yourself in the moment.

1821This hike was great, because it felt like you were going through different adventures along the way. One minute you would be climbing a hill, crossing a river, or scrambling across rocks…the next you’d be walking along a sandy beach, overlooking the gorge and eating your lunch next to the water.

2425I need to make the time to adventure more, to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy the natural beauty Australia has to offer. Because at the end of this trip I don’t want to look back and go ‘what if’, I want to say ‘remember when’.

Love, Luce ♥

The Grampians // 30.10.16 – 01.11.16

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” – Unknown.

50.jpgSo, apparently in Australia, they have public holidays for absolutely anything. Since arriving here two months ago there have already been two public holidays…(AFL Grand Final, and Melbourne Cup)…not exactly normal holidays.

Due to these public holidays, it means a lot of people are off work, or at least work reduced hours…what better time to take a road trip to The Grampians right? My friends Zoe and Lucy and their parents go to The Grampians every year over cup weekend. So, this year a bunch of us decided to tag along (we were invited, we didn’t gate crash).

42.jpg7.jpgA friend, Skye, very kindly offered to drive the three-hour road trip to get us to The Grampians. I find road trips so much fun…chilling out in the car, belting out the tunes with your friends, and stopping off in cities you would never normally think to go. What more could you want?

6.jpgWe made a few pit stops along the journey to take some photos of the beautiful scenery and break up the journey (not that it was that long – it literally flew by). There were so many amazing fields, filled with bright, colourful flowers, such a picturesque area to travel through.

It was so lovely to see these parts of Victoria. Since arriving in Australia I’ve spent most of my time in the city; due to ease of access, work, and where my friends like to hang out. It was nice to escape the hustle and bustle, have no phone signal for what felt like a lifetime, and just enjoy the great outdoors with my friends.

9The campsite we stayed at was called Lake Fyans Holiday Park, and it’s situated in the middle of The Grampians. The rest of our group arrived a few days prior to us, so they kindly set up our tent for us so it was all ready for when we arrived.

This actually was very much appreciated as when we arrived; myself, Jen and Skye had a much needed nap. I had gone out to a Halloween Party the night before we left and didn’t get in until 04.00am (oops) – with the added bonus that we started our road trip at 08.00am it’s fair to say I was pretty exhausted.

10Within our party, we had a caravan and two tents which we were all spread out between. Having the caravan there was soo handy – using the hob to cook meals, the sink to wash up all the mess, and the gazebo to keep everything dry through the countless number of showers we encountered.

We arrived at the campsite around lunchtime on Sunday 30th October and left on the morning of Tuesday 1st November. During this time we played one game of cards against humanity, had two campfires, did four hikes and took hundreds of photos.

So, I’ve decided to split our adventures up into several posts for ease of reading; I will upload a new post each Wednesday for the next five weeks. Once the post is live, I will attach a link to it below:

The Grampians – Day 1: Halls Gap // 30.10.16

The Grampians – Day 1: Kangaroos and Lake Fyans // 30.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2: Hollow Mountain // 31.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2:  Fish Falls // 31.10.16

The Grampians – Day 2: The Balconies and Reeds Lookout // 31.10.16

I had an absolutely amazing time exploring the outdoors with my friends, and it’s always great to escape for a few days. I would highly recommend visiting The Grampians if you are ever in Victoria, and I really hope I get a chance to return before I move on with my travels.

Love, Luce ♥

Exploring the City // 15.10.16

“Nobody owns the world, so feel free to explore it” – E.A.Cabaltica

2For those that don’t know, Melbourne is known to have a pretty good transport system…in the six weeks I have been in Melbourne, I have primarily used trains and trams; alongside the occasional lift from friends. In the middle of the city, there is a free tram zone, in this zone, you can hop on and off the trams without paying…pretty great huh?

Recently, I noticed there were ‘old fashioned’ city circle trams, and I didn’t understand what was different about them. So, me being me, went home and researched it…turns out that they do a loop around the entire city. They have a speaker system built in them which gives you a running commentary about the history of the area you are passing through while pointing out tourist locations along the way. And, added bonus…THEY’RE FREE!

1Sometimes exploring alone can be more fun than exploring in a big group of people. I really enjoyed having the freedom to jump on and off the tram wherever I wished, I had no time restraints or other commitments, I just took my time and explored at my own pace.

South Wharf is a really pretty area, it’s right on the Yarra river and has an amazing view of the city. Not only that, there is an outlet shopping center here, and plenty of lovely restaurants and cute cafes overlooking the river. I’ve been to the shopping outlet a handful of times since being in Melbourne and it’s huge! I still don’t think I’ve been around the entire center yet. If you’re lucky though you can pick up some pretty great deals, though!


Yarra River – South Wharf

I find myself stopping in the middle of the bridge every time and just looking at the city, I feel there is so much to see and take in. Believe it or not, people actually get helicopters to shop here. Why? I don’t know. The fact that someone can afford to pay for a helicopter yet chooses to go to an outlet is beyond me.224I absolutely love these bikes that ‘decorate’ this restaurant. I’ve always wanted a Pashley bike or one in a similar style. I absolutely love this style of bike, and I think they look great surrounding this restaurant.

The Melbourne Star is a giant ferris wheel on the waterfront with birds eye views of the city. I haven’t yet gotten around to going on it, however, I definitely wish to do this during my time in Melbourne. At night, the star glows in different colours, as if it’s not pretty enough already.

Melbourne Star – The Docklands

I hopped off the tram at the harbor and it was so beautiful. Lots of boats parked up in the dock, a view of emirates stadium and the rest of the city and lots of pretty trees surrounding the area.25.jpg30.jpgI noticed there were lots of waterfront restaurants, although all pretty pricey they definitely have amazing waterfront views!29.jpg24I didn’t realise until arriving in Australia quite how many Asian people reside here. Okay, now I think about it, we are right next to Asia so it does make sense. I particularly loved this kids jersey saying ‘curry’ on the back – not gonna lie I have a pretty weird sense of humour, and I found this hilarious (so much so, I took a photo).13I’m pretty sure there is a China Town in most major cities around the world. China Town in Melbourne is no different. Chinese lanterns hanging from above, bright colourful signs outside every shop, and restaurants galore!

China Town – Lt Bourke St

18As you walk down the stretch of China Town there are so many aromas of Chinese cuisine…there’s something to suit every taste.

Now, I don’t know what this church was called, but I do remember it was in the middle of a stretch of high-rise buildings on Swanston St. It really stood out to me. I love that in the hustle and bustle of a big city, there’s still quaint little churches and architecture in their original form.

12Parliament House is one of my favourite places I’ve visited in Melbourne so far. The location is amazing, at the end of all the major streets in the CBD and overlooking the city. On one side there is a green grassed area, where many choose to sit and relax on a warm day, and the other side where there are lots of steps leading up to the entrance. I have been known to go and sit on the steps before work and overlook the city, although it’s still in the hustle and bustle of the city, I find it quite peaceful and relaxing.

Parliament House

23Finally, the amazing ceiling in Melbourne Central Station! I absolutely love the ceiling in this station. An old chimney pipe, still marked with ‘lead pipe & shot factory’ with a glass roof…it kind of reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they go through the roof. I absolutely love it, I find myself take photos of it every time I pass through.


Melbourne Central Station

I hope you enjoyed being a part of my day while I explored the city. There will be much more to come over the upcoming months as I get to know Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

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1000 Steps, Kokoda Memorial Trail // Melbourne, Australia.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

Kokoda Memorial Walk…never heard of it? No, neither had I. Turns out it’s a really beautiful rainforest walk through the Dandenong Ranges National Park. As you march your way up the 1000 step climb you are faced with plaques which feed you with information of those whom fought and died on the trail during the Kokoda campaign back in 1942.

23.jpgAlthough I still don’t know much about the Kokoda Track Campaign it’s a really fascinating walk with so much history built into it. I already want to go back to read all the plaques around the trail.

My best friend Jen and I decided to do this climb on a slightly overcast, rainy day. I definitely wouldn’t advise doing this on a hot day…unless you want to die of heat exhaustion, or have to constantly stop to sweat it out.


The whole track is literally surrounded by beautiful green fern, manna gum, and blackwood trees. Although you will cross paths with many people along the way, the whole environment is so peaceful and calming. You can hear birds tweeting to one another, and rivers flowing throughout the whole of the rainforest.


Although there are a lot of steps; 1000 to be exact…although I didn’t count them to be sure (I wish I did)…you get to a point where you forget you’re climbing steps. You’re just so in awe of your surroundings and taking in everything around you that you are just placing one foot in front of the other and climbing…without even noticing how much exercise you are doing. Pretty great huh?


Walks like this are pretty great to do with your best friend. Jen and I just chatted and giggled through the entire walk and before you know it you’re at the top. It must have taken us around 30-40 minutes to get to the top (stopping for multiple photo opportunities along the way of course).


Does anyone else hate asking others to take a photo of you? I mean it’s never going to be quite right. It’s never going to be as good as if you just took it yourself. You know exactly what you want and there’s always that risk of the other person getting it wrong. But let’s be honest, when they ask if it’s okay, you always say YES…right?


Thankfully I had Jen with me, and my trustee JOBY Tripod so we got some pretty great shots along the way! Believe it or not but you can set up your own photo shoot where ever you are. Believe me (I wish I took a photo of this now), I wrapped the straps of my backpack around the top of a wooden stump, attached the legs of my JOBY Tripod to the backpack and then put on the self timer…bob’s your uncle, fanny’s your aunt…you’re photo shoot ready. Not gonna lie, the photo’s we got from doing this are actually some of my favourites from the entire day!


That’s all folks, I’ll keep exploring and posting my adventures for all to see.

Love, Luce ♥

Australia Leaving Party // 03.09.16

“We live in a beautiful world that is filled with beauty, charm, and ADVENTURE” – Unknown.


Saturday 3rd September 2016: My family and close friends travelled from far and wide to attend my leaving party that my family were throwing me. Mum decked out the house with everything red, white and blue, or covered with an Australian flag.

There were banners, bunting and balloons everywhere you looked, not to mention the amazing cakes they got made for me. With cute little icing koala and kangaroo figurines, they fit the theme perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset56

And as if the huge cake wasn’t enough to feed everybody (turns out it was more than enough and could have easily fed the whole street), they also got these cute cupcakes made in two designs. And, if you know me well…you’ll know I love cupcakes!


Friends and Family had travelled from all over to be there which meant so much to me. From Leeds to Plymouth, to Wales and everywhere in between, everyone made such an effort! It was so nice to have everyone I care about in one room together, even if it were only for a few hours.


I think this is the first time in at least the last 5+ years that all five of the girls (cousins) have all been together at the same time…this definitely called for a photo opportunity.


Photo bombing and funny family photos are always a hit – and I absolutely LOVE all the photo props they bought! This photo is of my mum and her brother (my uncle) with my sister and I sneaking in the background.


My friend Stacey and I, who I met at Secondary school 13 years ago now! And Arron who I met 5 years ago at summer camp in America, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I still can’t believe he travelled from Wales to be there…such a great friend!


My mums best friend Sue came by which was so lovely, if I have a friendship like theirs when I’m older then I will be one happy lady. Look how happy they are…


For this one to come literally made everything perfect, and to see the bond him and Archie have melts my heart. I hope this continues in years to come and these moments don’t fade away.


As per usual, I don’t have any photos with my Dad (he tends to stay in the kitchen out of the way when parties are going on, he keeps himself to himself and chats to his friends and family out of all of the mayhem). Here’s one with my mum, I really like this photo…it’s one of those ‘in the moment’ photos.


Thank you so much to everyone who came, I had the best time.

Love, Luce ♥